Comin' Atcha Like Cold Molasses

J. L. Decker
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I'm J. L. Decker, a terminally uncool writer currently living my lifelong dream to work in the service industry for as little pay as I could manage to work out. I wouldn't turn down making a little dough for my creative endeavors, though, and that's basically why this journal exists.

I write everything from crime novels to stand-up comedy to screen/stage plays, the former of which I often co-write with stephaniecain. I also write Recaps and Reviews at TheTwoCents.com, writing under the nom de plume (if I want to be fancy about it) of JD. I recap and review Criminal Minds there, as well as other various and sundry. I recently had a chance to interview Tim Roth for TTC! I hope to be able to do more like that in the future.